TSS / St Hildas

Pre Prep

Introduction to Sport Skills

MyFitPrep is all about school readiness. This class combines the Fundamentals of various sports and combines these with a variety of age appropriate fitness activities to accelerate development in coordination, muscle strength, bone density, balance and spatial awareness. Children build self-confidence through interactions with other MyFitPrep's and begin to explore working in a team environment.

Prep & Year One

MyFitKids will progress and develop young athlete’s in their sports skills and fitness levels. Skills specific to sports such as tennis, cricket, touch football, basketball, golf and many more, combined with age appropriate fitness exercises, work together to form a fantastic foundation for children to safely and confidently enter competitive sport.

Bootcamp (Year 2-6)

MyFitBootCamp combines age appropriate fitness activities at moderate to high intensity levels. This class will boost fitness levels, strengthen your child’s heart, lungs, muscles and increase bone density. Through the encouragement of team work, this class gives a positive workout experience and teaches children to push themselves through the toughest of challenges.

Cricket Academy

Cricket Academy is run by Cricket Australia Qualified coaches and is specifically for TSS Prep boys from Reception - Year 3 of all abilities and experience. Batting, Bowling, Fielding and Wicket Keeping will all be covered across a skills program introducing the boys to Australia’s favourite sport in all its glory! To give your son the ideal start in cricket sign up now! Reception & Year 1 boys will be collected from their classroom at 3:00pm and walked to the ovals. Year 2-3 boys will walk to the ovals straight after school.

Basketball Academy

Sprint Club

My Fit Kids


“Where A Lifetime Passion for Sports Begins”

All My Fit Kids programs are designed to develop and improve Physical Literacy in Pre-School through to Primary School aged children. Our coaches provide the motivation, experience and knowledge of sports and fitness to lay the perfect foundation for children to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our team has a strong focus on maintaining the FUN in sports and activity and always look to progress and challenge our “FitKids” to be their very best.

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